Training A Generation (TAG) was created to be a positive influence for youth all over the country.   We dream of nurturing and connecting youth with resources to set them up for lifelong success.


We believe in their potential, their abilities, as well as their personal aspirations.

The realities of poverty, street violence, and often neglect or even abuse plague these youth in need. It has motivated our team to organize and unite with others who want to be a part of a solution.




If you want to help in any way big or small our team needs you!! Your talent, abilities and most of all your time has value to our kids. Reach out to us to see how you might be able to make a difference.


We’ll be running specific programs so donors can see direct application of their support to TAG and our kids. In addition we’ll have a general fund set up to help us accommodate the needs of the kids we serve, with an open book of monies received and expended.


We believe that a child’s personal fitness is a major key to their lifelong success. One of our main TAG programs will be athletic training. In conjunction with that training we’re going to be holding quarterly combines that allow participate to showcase their progress.


Dr. Godfrey will be taping a series of conversations that will give our kids a glimpse into the process many successful people have taken to achieve their acclaim. Our kids will have the opportunity not only to participate in the conversation but be a part of the production team that films them.


One of our core beliefs is that a child’s future is predicted in direct proportion to their success in the classroom. We’ll be offering a computer lab where students can do research, homework, and learn tech skills. We’re in need of people who are willing to be tutors and reading coaches.


This will be held yearly in the summer to help raise awareness of our programs and the kids we serve. We will spotlight the accomplishments of the students in our programs, and celebrate accordingly.

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